Board of Directors

Sheri Werner

Founding Principal

The City School

Sheri Werner has been a professional educator for the past 22 years. Her classroom experience includes teaching at both the elementary and middle school levels. Sheri co-founded Foundations School Community, a K-8th grade constructivist-based school, where she served as Head of School for 15 years. She was successful at creating an educational model, which combined the best practices of constructivist, problem-based learning, with rigorous academic standards.

An outspoken advocate for constructivist education, Sheri has published numerous articles for educators and parents and has recently published her first book, “In Safe Hands: Bullying Prevention With Compassion For All,” which addresses the necessity of incorporating social and emotional safety, as well as academic excellence, in every school environment. Sheri holds a BA in Liberal Studies, an MS in Educational Psychology and Counseling, and a K-12 PPS credential. She conducts lectures, workshops, and teacher training classes on student-centered educational practices and holistic parenting topics.