Board of Directors

Raul Alarcón

Founding Principal

City Language Immersion Charter

Mr. Alarcón is an extremely well-respected, veteran teacher at the UCLA Lab School, a model school for dual-language immersion and constructivist teaching. He has been an educator for over 20 years and was instrumental in designing and running the bilingual program at the UCLA Lab School’s Learning in Two Languages (LTL) program. Mr. Alarcón has also worked as an instructor in UCLA’s Teacher Education Program since 2002, training the next generation of educators in bilingual, constructivist curriculum and pedagogy. Mr. Alarcón has served in various leadership positions at the lab school including: Summer School Principal, Coordinator of the Learning in Two Languages Program, Director of the Summer Session Sports Camp program, the Coordinator of the Bilingual Education Symposium at UCLA, and the Co-Director of the Archaeology Institute for Educators at UCLA.