Earn Rebate Bucks for The City School


Purchase your school supplies on Amazon.com and the school receives a rebate! Click here to bookmark the link.


If you already have a RED card, go to www.target.com, click RED card (top right menu). Halfway down the next page you’ll see the “take care of education” section. Select “Check contribution and update school” The City School ID number is 152858.


Click here to register your Ralphs Rewards card using The City School code, 93803. Please re-register after September 1st.

Click here to download the letter from Ralphs. Print the entire page and bring it with you on your next visit to Ralphs. Give it to the cashier at checkout time. Once it was scanned - your card is linked to the City School. That’s it, one-time easy process.

Lands' End

Earn money for the school while purchasing Logowear. 2.4% of your purchase goes to City School.

Anytime you purchase City logo wear, The City School earns back 2.4% of your purchase.

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