Building a school and growing a dream!

It's all for our children

It's all for our children...

Charter schools are born of heart, vision, belief, and the power of ingenuity. They are the little educational engines that could. Fundraising is the fuel that keeps this engine running. This is where the true pioneering spirit of the mission digs deep, delves into resources, and finds a way to turn idealism into realism.

Why does The City School need additional funding?

As a public charter school, we receive significantly less state and local funding per student than traditional public schools. To make up for the revenue shortfall and to ensure the ongoing success of The City School, our community must come together to raise substantial funds.

Annual Giving helps us to provide:

  • Small class size (16-25 students)
  • Over 30 electives and majors per semester
  • Facility improvements
  • Curriculum-based field trips
  • Technology in the classroom to enhance learning
  • Expanded academic, extra-curricular and athletic programs
  • Exceptional Teachers

Our Annual Giving goal is to have 100% family participation and raise $275,000!

A contribution of $3,000 per family is suggested. We realize that in a diverse community such as ours, the contribution of each family will look different, so we simply ask that you give what is meaningful for your family.

Every contribution, whether the suggested amount, greater than or less than the suggested amount, is critical to The City School meeting its fundraising goals!

There are two ways to make your donation:

  • Online Donations

    You can make a single payment or a recurring payment over 8 months by clicking these links.

  • Check Donation

    Place your check in an Annual Giving envelope with your child's name, grade, and advisory specified on the outside and deliver it to the Front Office. Please make sure to specify if your employer offers a Matching Donation.

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