Extended Day Program

The City School is proud to offer the Team Prime Time after school program this year. Team Prime Time has offered after school programming to middle schools across Los Angeles for over ten years and we are glad to continue our partnership here at The City School.

The program is open immediately following the end of the school day until 6:00 p.m. every day of the school year.

Completed enrollment forms may also be scanned and emailed to: info@teamprimetime.org or faxed to the Team Prime Time office at (310) 838-8825. The program strongly emphasizes academics, offering homework assistance each day of the week. In addition, Team Prime Time offers sports and recreation activities, an extensive art academy and a wide variety of other educational enrichment opportunities for your students to enjoy.


By offering Team Prime Time, The City School provides increased opportunities for its students to participate in well-supervised, structured activities that foster learning and cultivate student interests.

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