Sheri’s Weekly Letter 9/8/17

Dear Parents,

We were very grateful to encounter a cooler week as we returned from the three day holiday weekend on Tuesday. As we end our third week of school, students are (mostly) settled and comfortable with navigating their schedules and the school environment. Hence, our attention is now focused on helping students balance their academic work and social relationships, while working together to create and maintain a safe and positive school environment.

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of our parents who made it to Back to School Night this week. I heard that the parking was terrible and I am so sorry about that. (We constantly battle parking issues around our school). Nonetheless, many folks made it to Back to School Night. Our teachers were very excited to meet you and to be able to share their curriculum plans with you. I hope you found the evening enjoyable and informative.

This week all of our students participated in grade level workshops on cyber safety with cyber expert, Lori Getz. Ms. Getz also hosted a parent workshop (thanks to all who attended) and a teacher workshop after school. Ms. Getz has been working with The City School for the past several years. We find her workshops to be very informative and effective in helping students (and parents) to understand the many complexities and safety issues of online use. At today’s All School Meeting I questioned the students about whether they felt the cyber workshops were beneficial and informative. Their response was overwhelmingly positive in that the majority of our student body found the information useful AND learned something about cyber safety that they had not previously known.

Although students are not permitted to use cell phones at school, we have dealt with many issues of online bullying, harassment and inappropriate texting and photos being sent over the past several years. These events occur off campus but are often reported to us so that we can help students who have been hurt by their peers online. We take these issues very seriously (whether they occur on or off campus) and when notified, we work to support our students (and families) as we are able to. We also appreciate our parents support in ensuring that your children are not abusing their online privileges by using these privileges to hurt others. I spoke to our students at All School Meeting this morning about this issue and the harmful effects of online bullying. I also reinforced our expectation of kids being careful and thoughtful about their online use. This is a conversation that will be ongoing throughout the school year.

On a different note, we found out late today that we are unable to conduct our benchmark testing next week due to our testing system being down. Hence, next week will be a NORMAL week as follows:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Day 1 Day 2 Day 1 Day 2 Day 1

Please inform your kids of this change as they left school today thinking that they will have testing next week. Our testing week has been moved to the week of September 25th – 29th. All previously scheduled Advisory trips for next week will be moved to the week of September 25th.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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