Carpool and Parking

Driving to School

  • 1. In order to participate in carpool you must be dropping off or picking up at least 3 students. For carpool pick-up and drop-off, please enter the blacktop area from the east or west side of the alley behind the school. Make sure not to block any driveways or gates while waiting in the alleyway.
  • 2. Carpool students may only load/unload from their vehicles when they are in the blacktop area and should wait until their vehicle has pulled forward as much as possible.
  • 3. If you do not participate in carpool the only acceptable pick-up and drop-off areas are the meters right in front of Plan B and the meters right in front of the school on Pico. Please do not drop off or pick up students anywhere else!
  • 4. Parents may not double park at the meters. Please always be safe and follow the instructions of staff members.
  • 5. Any students who walk home must cross streets at designated areas.
  • 6. As part of the contract all parents are required to follow these instructions. Those parents who violate them will be called to appear in front of the Board.
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