Message from the Principals

Welcome to

The City School!

We are happy to share our passion for City with you! As founding teachers of The City School, we are taking on the role of principal with a deep understanding and sense of responsibility with regard to the core values (excellence, community, and diversity) of our school. We hope to continue carrying the torch of our founding principal, Sheri Werner, while innovating and growing our program.

We are committed to providing students with a rigorous education based in constructivist pedagogy. Our goal is that students develop their critical and creative thinking skills during their time at City. Our teachers employ a project and problem-based curriculum in which they seek to engage students’ curiosity and help them connect to the curriculum in meaningful ways. The connections they make by solving problems, thinking creatively, and collaborating with others helps students grow academically and internalize the content and skills explored in school.

At City, we know that academic excellence cannot happen outside of a safe and supportive community. Thus, We strive to put people and relationships first. The students, families, and staff feel seen, heard, and valued. The inclusive nature of our school allows everyone to have the mental and emotional space to reflect and grow.

The last essential piece of our school is the diversity of its members. We are a school that is “diverse by design.” This diversity not only refers to racial and economic diversity but also includes a diversity of thought. We hope that in our differences and our acceptance of them we model for the entire community the importance of embracing diversity and creating intentionally diverse communities. We believe diversity of all forms is a key ingredient for increasing socio-emotional learning and academic performance.

We look forward to working with you this year. Our office is always open; we are here to serve.

Candice McCray-Proctor & Hugo “Profe” Carrillo

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