Philosophy of Education


We believe that true learning and growth happens in the context of an engaged and caring community. We are dedicated to fostering an environment in which students feel connected and safe which allows them to explore, ask questions, self-advocate, create learning goals, and reflect on their process and progress. Our educational program is guided by three key aspects:

School Culture

Creating and sustaining a positive and dynamic school culture is central to what we do at City. We believe that children cannot be academically successful apart from an environment of care and respect. Thus, we prioritize supporting our students by building relationships and teaching them to build healthy relationships with their peers. One of the primary ways we seek to develop and reinforce our school culture is through our Advisory program. In addition to Advisory, whole-school activities such as our weekly All-School Meeting, monthly All-School Lunch, and regular student-centered activities inside and outside of the classroom, contribute to our thriving school culture. With the unique opportunities for connection, we utilize our community agreements of RISEUP (respect, integrity, service, excellence, unity, and participation) to guide and reflect on our actions and discussions at school. Finally, we practice a restorative approach to discipline through which we address discipline issues with respect for the students, work with them to reflect on the community impact of their actions, and employ consequences that proceed logically from student actions.


Constructivism is the pedagogical approach utilized in all our classrooms and school activities. Constructivism as a pedagogical theory asserts that human beings learn best when they construct knowledge for themselves through experiences and reflection. Thus, we seek to create an experiential standards-aligned curriculum in which students can make connections to the content and skills presented. In our classrooms, students build, research, and talk with others in order to gain a deeper understanding of concepts and get practice with the skills that will help them to be successful. Graduates of The City School are critical thinkers and problem-solvers who value curiosity and learning.

Diversity & Multiculturalism

At The City School diversity is more than just visual. We diligently seek and provide opportunities for students to interact, create, and problem solve across difference. We are intentional about discussing all aspects of diversity and teaching students how to engage in conversations around difference. Additionally, our teachers work hard to ensure that our curriculum includes examples that reflect the diversity of our students so that students see themselves in the curriculum.

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