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About Us

Founded in 2012 by visionary educators and brought to life through the hard work of dedicated parents, The City School is a public charter middle school currently serving 350 students in 6-8th grades. Admission is based on a lottery system. Our school is open to all residents of California.


The City School provides an exceptional education to a diverse student body. Through individual attention in a supportive and dynamic environment, students become creative and critical thinkers who ask questions, debate and express ideas fearlessly and respectfully. With a focus on civic responsibility, communication, and problem-solving, our students are prepared for a lifetime of critical thinking, meaningful work, and ongoing service to causes greater than themselves.


Our core values are Educational Excellence, Diversity, and Community. By educational excellence we mean that we engage every student socially, emotionally, and academically in a project-based rigorous education that challenges them to think critically, collaborate, create, and problem-solve. By diversity we mean that we proactively build a caring and inclusive community of diverse families that celebrate differences and learn from each other. By community we mean that we harness the energy and voice of all of our partners and stakeholders through collective input, shared responsibility, and active engagement to better serve our students.


The City School’s vision is to prove the power and impact of a truly collaborative public school organization. This means that we create schools in which diverse stakeholders exercise self-determination, autonomy, and collective and personal responsibility to pursue the collective goal of a world-class education for all of our students:
  • Students pursue their interests and engage in meaningful leadership and decision-making experiences, while excelling academically, and developing as critical thinkers, problem solvers, and strong communicators.
  • Families have a voice in the school and are actively engaged in supporting its success.
  • Faculty has the freedom and responsibility to develop a hands-on, standard-based curriculum that begins with student interests and prepares all students for success.
  • School leaders are empowered as decision-makers to design a school that is right for the local community and the enrolled families.
The result is a family of schools in which diverse stakeholders feel ownership and connection to student outcomes, and remain actively engaged during and beyond their time with the community.
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