City Charter Receives National Recognition and $250k to expand Social Emotional Learning Initiative

City Charter Schools are emerging as local and national leaders in student social-emotional learning (SEL) and development. The City School and CLIC were both founded on the belief that when students feel safe and supported, they are able to learn and thrive. Based on the innovative programs (Advisory, Mindfulness, Restorative Justice) and positive school culture at both schools we recently secured $250,000 in grants from the NoVo Foundation and Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors. We were one of 30 districts selected from among 800 applicants to deepen our own practice and disseminate what we have learned to the field. All 30 district grantees were invited to apply for a larger grant to create an SEL community of practice to help build the social-emotional learning field in their region. We were one of only two districts in the whole country selected for this honor! We are engaging 3 other CMOs and The Partnership for LA Schools in the community of practice to develop the restorative justice practices of 25 teachers and administrators for the benefit of over 1,400 students. Be on the lookout for our regional SEL conference in the Fall of 2018. Additionally, we presented on our SEL work at the National Charter School Development Conference and will soon be featured by Education First on a microsite they are putting together about national models of Social Emotional Learning.