Mission, Vision and Values


CLIC provides an exceptional bilingual education to a diverse student body, through dynamic hands-on learning through a student-centered, multicultural approach. Our community is diverse in thought, experience, heritage, expression, class, and we see our diversity as our strength.


Our students are critical thinkers who ask questions, solve problems, and express ideas creatively and thoughtfully. They engage in meaningful leadership and decision-making experiences, as they learn to think, speak, read, and write in two languages- English and Spanish. As members of a caring community, students feel comfortable, safe, and cared for enabling them to take greater academic risks, express concerns and ask for help, develop character, and become leaders in and outside of school.


    Engaging every student in a child-centered, thoughtful, inspired education that challenges them to think critically, create, and problem-solve.
    Building a caring and inclusive community of diverse families that celebrate differences and learn from each other.
    Harnessing the energy and spirit of our community through volunteerism and partnerships to better serve our students.

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