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  • Family Handbook

    Download the family handbook to view school policies (including attendance, communication, what to expect in the classroom, how to file a complaint, resources, etc.).

  • Birthdays

    CLIC has implemented a policy to limit birthday celebrations that involve food during the school day to one party per class per month.

    For special occasions, such as birthdays, parents may choose to contribute a special snack for the class. Parents should coordinate food contributions with their child’s teacher or Classroom Ambassador at least one week in advance.

    For these special occasions, please try to provide wholesome, home-baked goods or fruit. Cookies or cupcakes are welcome but candy, gum and sweetened beverages are discouraged.
  • Uniform Policy

    TOPS: Royal blue polo shirts
    BOTTOMS: Navy blue uniform style pants, shorts, skorts or jumpers. (NO DENIM/JEANS)
    OUTWEAR: Gray or navy blue sweaters or sweatshirts. No non-CLIC logos.
    FOOTWEAR: Closed toe shoes only. For the safety of the children, no part of the foot should be exposed. NO wheeles, light up, sandals or flip flops.
    JEWELRY: Small stud earrings only. No necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc.

    For examples, click here.

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