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Our core values were integral to the design of CLIC’s new school building, which brings our educational approach to life in three dimensions. The building was designed to support a project-based indoor/outdoor curriculum, a sense of community, and to meet the needs of diverse learners. From the inspired classrooms to the adventurous play structure, the growing garden to the Book Nook, we are living in and loving our new home.

CLIC Venice Building
CLIC Front Of Building And Sign
Book Nook (front)
CLIC Play Structure
CLIC Classroom
CLIC Building from Back
CLIC Founders at Ribbon Cutting
Principal Alarcon

This site was made possible by the work of so many. Thank you to our partners & supporters:

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Fun Run Success!

Our Fun Run was a HUGE success! Thank you to all the parents/volunteers for all of their hard work and donations, but mostly to our students who know how to put the FUN into a Fun Run. We raised more than $25,000 for our school!

By Jennifer Kemmerer, Featured in LA Parent Mag

“Parade watchers at the 32nd Annual Kingdom Day Parade Jan. 16 came face-to-face with cultural icons including Langston Hughes, Golda Meir, Magic Johnson, John F. Kennedy, Amelia Hernandez, Muhammad Ali, Benito Juarez, Edith Cowan, Steve Jobs, Ella Fitzgerald, and even Cleopatra and Moses – thanks to students from City Language Immersion Charter School (CLIC) in L.A…”

More than 50 CLIC students marched, with many more CLIC community members who came out to support, in the parade to honor the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Jan. 16, 2017.  Read the full article on this great event here: http://www.laparent.com/kingdom-day-parade-la-clic-charter/

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