Building a school and growing a dream!

It's all for our children

It's all for our children...

Charter schools are born of heart, vision, belief, and the power of ingenuity. They are the little educational engines that could. Fundraising is the fuel that keeps this engine running. This is where the true pioneering spirit of the mission digs deep, delves into resources, and finds a way to turn idealism into realism.

Why does The City School need additional funding?

As a public school, The City School does receive some funding from state and local sources; however, charter schools receive less public money, per student, than traditional public schools. This gap plus additional facilities and other costs determine the amount that we need to fundraise, and a suggested donation of $3000 per family will ensure that City can meet this revenue shortfall and continue to succeed. Annual Giving through this tax deductible donation helps close this gap and is critical to our mission.

Annual Giving helps us to:

  • Maintain small class size (16-25 students).
  • Hire and retain great teachers.
  • Offer a variety of experiential, curriculum-based field trips.
  • Offer more than 30 electives and majors per semester.
  • Support and expand academic and extra-curricular programs.
  • Install and maintain effective technology for the classroom.

Our Annual Giving goal is to have 100% family participation and to raise over $250,000! We are asking $3,000 that can be allocated through a variety of payment options. All we ask is that you give what you can. We will need everyone’s participation to reach goal.

There are two ways to make your donation:

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