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Welcome to The City School

I am incredibly excited to welcome all of you to our vibrant school community! The City School proudly provides an exceptional constructivist, student-centered educational experience to a diverse student body. In addition to acquiring excellent academic skills, our students attain the critical skills of questioning, experimenting, and building understanding as they explore topics and issues embedded in both academic and social pursuits.

The City School is committed to instilling in its student’s civic responsibility, while engaging them in a democratic school environment. In this environment, they are supported to collaborate, to think critically and creatively, and to recognize and develop their own interests. Furthermore, students acquire an understanding about how those interests intersect and diverge from the interests of others, with the ultimate intention of affecting positive change. The City School incorporates these critical components of civic engagement into a rigorous academic program that promotes the development of self-motivated, proactive, life-long learners.

Among the numerous factors that contribute to the uniqueness of The City School is our passion to create a connected community of learners. Our commitment to overall excellence demands that we support our students to internalize the value of academic achievement while also acknowledging and focusing on learning as it relates to social and emotional growth. Through both the academic and social curriculum, students are challenged to grapple with complex societal issues, be encouraged to have a voice and be held accountable for supporting their ideas, both orally and in their written work.

As a school community, our goal is to embrace the challenge of working together through the daily experiences of learning and growing, providing service to our school and outside communities, and enjoying ourselves in the process. We have found that when children are educated in school environments that embrace them cognitively, socially, and emotionally and provide a relevant and authentic curriculum, they learn that education is worthwhile, powerful… and fun!

I look forward to working with all of you and hope to see you frequently on campus. Please know that my door is always open to students, teachers, and parents. I am thrilled to be embarking upon this 2016-2017 school year with all of you.

Sheri Werner

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